Going Green is a major factor in all of our business planning decisions at Contemporary Graphic Solutions. We have completely embraced Going Green and consider it’s implementation a strong piece of our core competency. We strive to be a dedicated steward of the environment and assist our customers and corporate partners in doing the same. 


- All paper used in the production of Green projects is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council™) and Rainforest Alliance Certified™
- Recycled Paper: We offer a paper selection from a range of 10% - 100%  recycled paper


- Utilization of Toyo Eco ink
- 100% Biodegradable on final product
- Environmentally Friendly Ink
- Entirely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
- Replaces inks containing petroleum-derived solvents with formulations for all four basic colors
- Ink On-Demand  

green processes

total in-house operation

- Our total in-house capabilities provides unlimited resources and opportunities to have positive impact on the environment. 
- Our Complete Manufacturing Under One Roof eliminates travel between third party sources and reduces our carbon output.


- Utilization and streamline of the systems, reduced or eliminated many of the steps in getting product to end user that have impact on the environment. 

print & design on-demand

- Programs in place that allow customers to control order quantities and eliminate excess or outdated inventory materials.

creative manufacturing

- Unique blend of in-house manufacturing experience, allows for design of materials that work and fit in the production process (i.e. size pieces to get maximum fit on press sheet, reduces spoilage and press time).


- No traditional film required. Removes photo chemicals and hazardous substances from the printing process, Conserves water and energy.
- FLH-Z Processor, major reduction in processing chemical consumption


- Expanded utilization of remote viewing of proofs
- Major reductions in processing chemical consumption 

waterless printing

- Provides a dramatic conservation of water resources, eliminates the dampening-related volatile organic compounds (VOCs), further decreasing their direct greenhouse gas emissions


- Paper feed from skids onto press eliminates excess corrugated packaging material

finishing / bindery

- High speed customized finishing packaging reduces waste and gain efficiencies

shipping / delivery

- Consolidate deliveries for lower carbon emissions
- Replaced delivery fleet with hybrid vehicles for lower carbon emissions and better gas performance. 


What Our Clients Say About Us

"... I don't consider CGS as just a vendor, but as an indispensable part of my team. I'm pleased to recommend CGS to my colleagues and to anyone looking for a partner that takes quality just as seriously as they do."
From the Owner of a design agency

CGS Mission Statement

As print goes through another revolution, you and I are faced with changing the way we do business. Over the past year or so, we’ve been adding new technologies, more efficient processes, and a wider selection of products in order to deliver a more complete, one-stop solution for all your communication needs. But I want to assure you now that even with all of these changes, our mission statement remains the same:
To deliver outstanding value, products, and services to you and your organization.


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