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It’s one thing to say you are one of the nation’s premier printing and packaging firms. It’s another thing to have the quality manufacturing certifications to back it up. CGS is one of the most decorated and federally qualified printing and packaging firms in the nation.

The DEA has a registration system in place which authorizes medical professionals, researchers and manufacturers access to “Schedule I” drugs, as well as Schedules 2, 3, 4 and 5. Authorized registrants apply for and, if granted, receive a “DEA number”.  An entity that has been issued a DEA number is authorized to manufacture (drug companies), distribute, research, prescribe (doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, etc.) or dispense (pharmacy) a controlled substance.
Contemporary Graphic Solutions is FDA registered, making us a powerful ally for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The FDA ensures that foods for sale in the United States are safe, pure and wholesome; that drugs and therapeutic devices are safe and effective; that cosmetics are harmless; and that all these products are correctly labeled and packaged. In order to become FDA Registered a company must meet FDA’s exacting standards for quality and sanitation.
Anyone in the food and pharmaceutical industries knows that a cGMP-compliant company must be of the highest quality. After all, in order to attain compliancy a company must meet the most rigorous and exacting standards set by the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and biopharmaceutical industries. GMPs are enforced by the US FDA.  Our cGMP certification makes Contemporary Graphic Solutions an ideal partner not just for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
A G7 Process Control Master qualification is granted to a facility, that serves the total media supply chain driving process control through their entire print production workflow. The end result is long lasting repeatable achievements in quality control and cost savings.  The G7 Process Control Master qualification quarterly ensures we are within spec. This is more stringent than the G7 Master qualification that only requires recertification annually.
A designation as a GPO contractor for the Federal Government means that Contemporary Graphic Solutions is one of the top 72 printing firms in America, according to the US Government Printing Office. Given our designation as a G7 Process Control Master and a GPO, that makes Contemporary one of the most reliable, consistent, and high-quality printing & packaging firms in the nation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"... I reaffirmed an important business lesson about cooperation, when I came to CGS to solve a client's problem. I came for the turn-around time; I stayed for the quality, the expertise and the convenience. Just a suggestion, you might want to reach out to other printers in my situation and offer them your broad range of services."
From the President of a competitive printing company

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CGS Mission Statement

As print goes through another revolution, you and I are faced with changing the way we do business. Over the past year or so, we’ve been adding new technologies, more efficient processes, and a wider selection of products in order to deliver a more complete, one-stop solution for all your communication needs. But I want to assure you now that even with all of these changes, our mission statement remains the same:
To deliver outstanding value, products, and services to you and your organization.


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