With 35 years of expertise in the graphic communications industry, Contemporary Graphic Solutions provides present-day solutions for present-day ideas.


Responsiveness, agility and high quality have been the driving principles of our company since our beginning. We have a long history of understanding the challenges companies face in meeting deadlines, launching products, conducting campaigns, and keeping a sales force current and informed. We designed our business so that we can facilitate our customers’ ability to meet these challenges. CGS has always been known for our responsiveness. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we respond to their needs, whenever required. With this commitment, we maintain agility so that our clients deliver their projects on-time, every time. Our quality has been commended by clients for many years. We continually invest in our employees and quality programs to ensure we continue to delight our customers for many years to come.

Rondo-Pak Headquarters - marketing collateral design services
Two custom cartons designed for marketing collateral items


We work to meet and exceed the demanding requirements and specifications of industries such as: Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Financial, Energy and Consumer Goods. Our expertise lies in providing custom Marketing Collateral Materials and the related services to deliver them, as well as the creation of custom folding cartons. All this while meeting the demands of the Supply Chain sets us apart from other commercial printers. Our experience has resulted in an unparalleled degree of precision and expertise in satisfying our clients. Our expertise extends from design through printing, finishing, packaging and fulfillment, but most importantly it entails being a partner to our clients.


We strive to create beautiful communication vehicles, using vibrant, dead-on color, transforming ideas into powerful sales and marketing masterpieces. Our clients’ projects come to life with our quality manufacturing process. We utilize G7 Process Control Master techniques while taking advantage of our 35 years of experience handling some of the most challenging projects in the market. We ensure that our clients’ vision is accurately and consistently reproduced, time after time.

Custom marketing collateral carton for new product design and launch
Contemporary GS employee designing client marketing collateral


CGS delivers products and services that surpass the quality expectations of our customers while also keeping within best practices for sustainability and stewardship. We are a FSC registered company and certified in the Rainforest Alliance. We use eco-friendly, plant-based inks and we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint through recycling programs and energy reduction practices. As a HubZone, Tier 1 Diversity spend, we are also committed to our community, employing many people from the local community in which we reside


Over the years, we have added new technologies, more efficient processes, and a wider selection of products in order to deliver a one-stop solution for all your printing needs. But even with all of these changes, our mission statement remains the same: Deliver outstanding value, products, and services to you and your organization.

Working with CGS guarantees that we deliver success and exceed client expectation time after time. It is a partnership that has worked well over twelve years and a track record we expect to continue

- VP Director of Pharmaceutical Sales for a major Pharmaceutical Industry Agency

CGS repeatedly offers us design options making promotional pieces more effective for our client, while controlling costs and production time. We also can count on CGS to help manage the regulatory and compliance issues unique to the pharmaceutical industry.

- Vice President/General Manager for a major Pharmaceutical Industry Agency

We have been partners for over 7 years and CGS has produced millions of pieces of our collateral. We have never experienced a quality issue with production of the collateral

- Associate Vice President for a top 5 Credit Card Services company


Rondo-Pak headquarters in Camden NJ


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CGS offices in Puerto Rico


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