Accelerating Your Sales Process with Printed Sales Kits

Every business wants to find ways to grow and find new customers. Regardless of whether your business is a larger corporation or a small business, your company will benefit from having a printed sales kit as part of your marketing resources.

What is a Sales Kit?

A sales kit is basically an informational packet that current and potential customers can use to learn more about your services and answer any questions regarding those products and services that your business offers.

It is a powerful marketing tool that helps you to sell your business to customers. The best sales kits showcase the unique products and services that only your business brings to the table, as well as how your company or product is different from the competition.

Professional sales kits are supported with content designed to raise your individual company’s brand awareness. Depending on your own needs, it can be highly customized for a specific client / audience, or more universal in nature to reach a broader customer base.

You can use these kits in a variety of formats and locations. Let’s say that your company is planning on attending an industry expo and your company wants to showcase your most recent products and/or research. A sales kit can be the ideal vehicle to give new customers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the advancements that your company is promoting.

Sales Kit Format

Your sales kit can be as unique and diverse as the company itself. There are a variety of formats that can deliver the information contained within your sales kit. Some of these formats can include, but are not limited to:

  • Product samples
  • Company literature
  • Models
  • Various brochures and other promotional information
  • Demonstration devices and kits
  • Digital media

The benefits of having a printed sales kit is that it gives your company the opportunity to showcase to potential customers exactly why they should choose your products and services. Since the purpose of your sales kit is to promote your company and brand recognition, choosing the right packaging and printing is as essential as the information itself.

This is your opportunity to create a lasting impression for future customers. The last thing you want is a bland sales kit that will get put to the bottom of a pile. Think about the trade show example as mentioned above. Potential customers are going to be collecting information from a variety of companies. What is going to set your company apart from the others? A professional and memorable sales kit can be just the product your company needs to separate yourself from your competition.

Regardless of the format that you ultimately decide is best for your company, a professional product is the key to your success.

Sales Kit Materials

Even if your sales kit is customized for a single customer or product, you want to ensure that your kit has information about all aspects of your company. Depending on the needs of your company your sales kit might include some of the following:

  • Business Cards – Every sales kit needs to have business cards that are an easy way to ensure that potential customers have all your contact information at their fingertips. After all, the purpose is to get new customers to your company and products, so a high quality business card in each kit is essential. Your cards should be professional, made of good quality materials, and memorable. You don’t have to be overly flashy with your business cards, but a heavier weight card stock with your logo and contact information can really show potential customers the professionalism of your business.
  • Sales Letters – Much like the business cards mentioned above, a sales letter is a key ingredient to acquiring new customers. If your sales kit is directed to a specific company, then your letter should be customized to showcase exactly what your company can provide to them. Personalization of a direct sales letter tells that prospective customer that you have taken the time to research their company and are able to give them the type of customer service or products they deserve. If you are putting out a more general letter, then your sales letter should be tailored for a wider audience. Regardless of the type of letter included, quality printing and design can make your letter stand out from your competitors.
  • Services and Products List – This is where you can give customers an overview of the services and products that your company offers. It is important here to explain the benefits of each product or service. Stay away from just giving an outlined list. This is especially important if you are looking to market a new product. What are the benefits of this specific product and how is it superior to other products already on the market? With your lists, high quality pictures and graphics can make a great impression on customers.
  • Brochures – Brochures are an easy way to put out a lot of information in an attractive and easy to read format. There are a couple different types of brochures you might want to create.
    • Company Brochure – This is your opportunity to showcase your company’s history, vision, mission statement, and accomplishments throughout your industry. You can also include industry specific information as well as information that makes your company the right choice over the competition. Company brochures should also include contact information, links to online and social media, and location.
    • Product Brochure – A product brochure is your chance to take the products listed on the sales sheet and give more in-depth information about the product offered. This is a great opportunity to showcase the manufacturing process, lab tests or other data that might be too cumbersome to put on a traditional sales sheet. A good printing company can help make your product brochures very attractive to potential customers.
  • Case Studies / Testing – Customers want to be reassured that the products you are offering have been thoroughly evaluated and tested. As an example, if you are looking to promote a new medicine including the lab results and testing data will show that your company is professional, thorough, and ethical. A quality printing company can help you to ensure that this data is eye catching, easy to interpret, and stands out to future customers. The last thing you want is printed data that is difficult to understand or ambiguously printed.
  • A Why Choose Us Page – A useful page to incorporate into your printed sales kit is information that explains how your company is different from your competition. Another key ingredient to this page is to showcase all the benefits customers will receive by doing business with your company. Don’t overdo the information in this part. Keep it direct and to the point with 3-5 specific reasons why your company is superior to the others. This can be showcased with a printed infographic, comparison chart, or just the information itself in bold, memorable lettering.

Choosing the Right Printing Company

It is important that you choose a printing company who understands the nature of your industry and that has a proven record of producing quality materials for clients.

A quality printing company can take your ideas and transform them into a printed sales kit that will get customers through the door. The right product packaging and materials can bring your creative vision to life.

Regardless of what you need done, the right company will find ways to help you stand out from the competition. If your company already has a specific vision in mind, a good printing company can turn that vision into a reality.

If you are unsure about how you want it to look, a professional printing company can work with you to create the ideal sales kit for your company’s needs. The benefit of working with a specific printing company is our experience with the industry. We know what works within the industry and aren’t trying to sell you on products or services that only work in other business fields.

A professional and creative sales kit can be a powerfully engaging tool that your company can employ that will ensure the continued success of your business.