Boost Your Sales Through Rapid Sampling

The last thing you want is for your sales presentation or marketing materials to fall short. When tasked with presenting your products to potential customers, you want to be able to stand out from the competition. One of the best ways to make your presentations memorable is to include samples to your future clients. The easiest way to get this done is through the rapid sampling production process that is offered through professional printing companies.

What is Rapid Sampling?

Rapid sampling is a production process where a printing company creates a physical copy of your product, marketing materials, and packaging before you release the product for consumer production.

With rapid sampling you get a finished product that can be used for marketing purposes. This is not a prototype, it is an exact replica of what the finished product will eventually look like for consumers.

This is advantageous because potential customers are not looking at something that might be produced. Instead, they are able to see a replica of what the finished product will be. This can give you an advantage over the competition who is just putting out prototypes that might not even resemble what the finished product will actually look like.

Why are Product Sampling Campaigns Effective?

The benefit of a product sampling marketing campaign is that you get a tangible replica of the product you are promoting to use in your sales materials. They are much more effective than other marketing products simply because of the inclusion of the product.

Potential customers can see exactly what they will eventually be purchasing from your company, which will have a lasting impact long after the sales presentation is completed. You have the ability to track this type of campaign for much longer than with a traditional marketing campaign. For example, a typical marketing campaign is only useful for a few months. However, with the production of a replica through rapid sampling, you can extend those benefits far beyond the limits of a traditional marketing campaign.

Why? It’s simple. The replica is memorable and tough to just file away with marketing materials from your competitors. What they might produce theoretically, you can produce physically.

Think of it this way. You and your competitors have been pursuing a client who is interested in purchasing a specific type of product. You provide them with a replica of the finished product while your competition only provides written materials, or prototypes. When it comes time to decide on the company the client wants to use, they have your replica at their disposal to look at, examine, and evaluate.

Product sampling allows the customer the opportunity to check out the product quality personally. They don’t have to imagine what the finished product will look like since they have your replica to study. Your sales presentation or other marketing materials will be almost secondary to their ability to learn about the product. They have the opportunity to discover the product on their own, which can leave a much more lasting impression than other marketing materials.

Preparing for Your Campaign

Much like anything else in business, having a solid plan is beneficial. When you choose to go with rapid sampling of your product, you need to ensure that you have planned for exactly how you want to utilize the product in your marking materials.

When you go to develop your plan, you need to identify a few key components. These include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying your objective
  • Identifying your customer base
  • Promotion of the samples
  • Monitoring the campaign

The first step is to prepare to launch your campaign. Rapid sampling works best with a new product, one that has been improved upon, or when branching out to new areas. When promoting an existing product, consumers already have the product itself to examine.

With new products, Rapid Sampling is one of the easiest ways to get your product into the hands of consumers. It is the quickest and most effective way to get feedback from your potential customers. That feedback can ultimately be cost effective and time saving when you put the product into mass production.

By pushing out the replica to your target markets, you can see if there is a need for your product in these areas before investing in the production process. When you give potential customers access to your product, you allow them the opportunity to see why their company has a specific need to utilize your company over the competition.

With that consumer feedback, you can evaluate the need for your product and where it might best benefit your company. From there, you are ready to start your campaign and get the product out to consumers.

How Rapid Sampling Printing Works

The rapid sampling process is a streamlined way to take the product and make a replica for sales marketing purposes. With the aid of the latest technology and interactive 3D rendering, a replica of your product is digitally designed.

Once the design process is complete, the different parts of your product are printed and assembled by hand. This helps to ensure that the replica you are putting in the hands of potential customers has the exact look, feel, and quality of the product they will eventually purchase. The process of printing to finished assembly takes about two days start to finish. This does not include the process of digitally rendering the product.

Depending on your individual company’s needs, a quality printing company can handle single production for individualized sales presentations to larger productions that fit your company’s time constraints and budget. It doesn’t matter if you need a single product or 5,000 units, a quality printing company will be able to handle the demand and meet your needs.

Advantage of Using a Professional Printing Company

With a professional printing company on your side, you know that the demands of your company will be met. Whether you have a finished concept or just an idea, a quality printing company will be able to make your ideas become reality.

One of the true benefits of rapid sampling is for small batch production. Maybe you have an upcoming trade show or are looking to branch out to a new market? Maybe you want to give your sales team a batch to take with them for potential customers during their presentations? A quality printing company has the ability to scale their printing process to meet your individualized needs.

A good printing company is able to help customers meet the demand of printing, assembly, and even distribution, regardless of how complex it might be. Professional companies have experience in specialized fulfillment requirements and industry specific compliance.

With a rapid sampling replica, your customers will have the product in their hands to see and interact with. You have the ability to show the product to potential buyers, present it at sales meetings, or send out as part of a more generalized marketing campaign.

Regardless of your individualized needs, a professional printing company like Contemporary Graphic Solutions (a division of Rondo-Pak, LLC) has all the tools you need to help your business succeed.