Major Biotech Company Engages Contemporary Graphic Solutions for Ongoing Print and Mail Program

CGS develops vital communications for thousands of patients with rare, serious blood disorder, saves company more than $250K.

Camden, NJ – Contemporary Graphic Solutions (CGS), a leading provider of high-quality printed components for the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer industries, has been hired by a prominent global biotech company to assist with an ongoing print and mail program to reach patients with a rare, serious blood disorder, for which the company manufactures medications. The program includes multiple monthly mailings to communicate vital information to thousands of patients in more than 100 countries with the goal of improving patient knowledge and increasing engagement. To date, CGS’s involvement in this program has saved the biotech company more than $250,000.

With a growing number of patients in need of this life-saving medicine, and an ever-increasing need to streamline, customize and ultimately segregate communications, the company was looking for an ongoing solution including, but not necessarily limited to, the creation of additional custom-printed materials, warehousing of these materials, and online access to order the materials – all from a single source.

The challenges in this project were both patient-facing and regulatory-minded. The biotech company needed a way to persistently inform patients of mission-critical drugs while maintaining strict confidentiality, per HIPAA laws. The key factor here is that all materials sent to the patients must be personalized and held in stringent confidence.

The biotech company now has a single source to handle all aspects of the project, reduced requirements for warehousing and inventory management, and the peace of mind that their valued patients are receiving high quality, vital communications regularly. By producing all these items in bulk, including the shells that are personalized with each mailing, the biotech company saw a 20 percent reduction in materials production costs. Having CGS manage the entire process including web portal development, inventory management, kitting and mailing, the company also was able to forego the hiring of an internal employee dedicated to such tasks. All told, the project has saved the biotech company in excess of $250,000.

“We are acutely aware of just how important it is for patients to have up-to-date knowledge on the health conditions they have and the medications they are taking,” said Bob Reilley, COO of Rondo-Pak/Contemporary Graphic Solutions. “It is our pleasure to have a key role in developing and distributing such necessary communications to patients of this critical medication.”